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Find A Doctor

To find a physician on staff within the Union General Health System organization, please use the search tool bar to the left. You may search by specialty, location or by the name of the physician you are looking for. If you are unsure of the physician’s name, type in the first few letters and click search. A list of possible matches will be provided to you. You do not have to fill in all of the form fields for it to yield results.

Please feel free to 利记sbo if you have any questions. 

Jonathan Barnes, MD Radiation Oncology
Rachel Benson, PA 整形外科,Sports Medicine
Christy Collins, NP-C 劳动 & 交付,妇科
Dana Conner, MD, CWSP 伤口护理 & 高压 Center
Kimberly Denton, MD 劳动 & 交付,妇科 ,产科
Matthew Dyer, PA Emergency Medicine
Crystal Gary, MD Family Practice
Thomas Gary, MD Family Practice
Mark Gibson, MD 心脏病学
Heather Hall, MD Emergency Medicine
卡梅伦J. Harper, FNP-C Internal Medicine
Benjamin Harris, MD 劳动 & 交付,妇科 ,产科
Brian Hass, PA-C 整形外科,Sports Medicine
Laneau Hayes, MD Hospitalist
理查德·K. 发怒,PA-C Emergency Medicine
Michael Hughes, NP-C Emergency Medicine
Jay Jones, MD Hospitalist
Bruce Kalmin, MD 内窥镜检查
Thomas Karisny, MD Family Practice
Sharon Kestin, MD Family Practice,Internal Medicine
Jonathan Lawrence, MD Family Practice
Laci Myers, MD Emergency Medicine
Thang Nguyen, MD Emergency Medicine
Jill Nielsen, ARNP Internal Medicine
Suzanne Nunn, MD 劳动 & 交付,妇科 ,Family Practice
Andre Schoeffler, MD Family Practice
Aaron Schueneman, MD Medical Oncology/Hematology
Bernadette Shilling, PA-C, CWS 伤口护理 & 高压 Center
Megan Smith, DO 心脏病学
雅各B. 马里兰州Stirton 整形外科,Sports Medicine
Elizabeth Wiles, DO Internal Medicine
Mary Beth Wiles, MD Internal Medicine
Jonathan Williams, DO Emergency Medicine
院长D. Worthingstun, DO Orthopedic Hand Surgery
Tian Xia, MD Emergency Medicine